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Based on a web user’s IP address, you may utilize IP lookup tools to find out more about them. This type of data enrichment is what it is. Gathering further data begins with a single data point, which is an IP address. You can detect bot activity, see user connections, and determine the riskiness of a transaction with SEON’s IP lookup. It works well throughout the user login process, onboarding phase, or checkout phase. Do check IPs online

What Information Can Be Obtained Through an IP Lookup Tool? 

Following are some of the information that can be gathered

  • IP Address Validity
  • Blacklists check
  • Proxy Server Detection
  • Geolocation
  • IP Hostname and Server
  • Who is Information

How to Check IP Address

There are two common ways to conduct an IP search:

  • Manual check: You need to execute the code and figure out the IP address. It may also be pasted into a dynamic web tool (that does nothing more than run the code for you). Excellent for lone checks.
  • Outside services: Some internet services let you perform all the tests at once because IPs might yield a lot of information. Most of them are paid services. You can use APIs to connect to the service or import lists of IPs.
  1. Greatest IP Lookup Resources for 2023
  1. SEON – IP Intelligence in the fight against fraud: SEON comes with several lookup tools, one of which is an effective IP lookup module. But SEON truly shines when it comes to using API calls to execute these tests at scale and provide results in less than 200 milliseconds.
  2. IP – IP Lookup Tool One Stop Shop: IP lookup tools may be found in abundance on the website A blacklist database checker, a ping tool, IP range calculators, an IP-to-decimal converter, and much more are available, and they are not included in any particular order.
  3. Max Mind – Geo IP Databases and Fraud Prevention: Two IP-related services are provided by Max Mind: their Geo IP databases and a fraud protection API for transaction risk.
  4. MX Toolbox – Multi-tool Website covering Several Needs: With the ability to perform MX record, DNS, SMTP, and blacklist diagnostics starting with a domain name, hostname, or IP address, Mx Tool Box’s simple yet practical multi-tool website claims to be a Swiss army knife for your IP search and associated requirements.
  5. Scam Analytics – Fighting Romance and Dating Fraud with IP intel: As part of its purpose and all-inclusive solution to prevent romance and dating app fraud, this London-based specialized vendor provides an IP address fraud check.
  6. Abusel IPBD – Crowd-sourced Suspicious IP Lists: To enhance internet safety “one IP at a time,” Abusel IPDB is an open database of IP addresses that have been flagged as dangerous by other users.

IP Lookup Tools for Fraud Detection and Prevention

SEON constantly searches for the most effective methods to obtain information with the least amount of data so that we together can stop scammers before they hurt your company.